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Custom Security Program

Centralized management of all of your customers' cybersecurity programs.

Start your clients on their cybersecurity compliance journey with Blacksmith InfoSec. Our SaaS application provides each of your customers with bespoke policies, risk management, compliance roadmap, business system user audits, and security awareness training, all with a simple, centralized management platform so you can manage their tenant with white glove service. Reseller discounts are available on our per client flat fees of $2000/year or $200/month. Set yourself apart from other MSPs today!


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NIST 800-171

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Centralized Dashboard 

MSP dashboard screenshot

Discover the power of our Centralized Dashboard, the ultimate tool for MSPs to efficiently manage multiple client accounts from a single, intuitive interface. This dynamic dashboard streamlines cybersecurity program oversight, offering real-time monitoring and comprehensive control features. Elevate your service delivery with a strategic command center that simplifies operations and enhances decision-making for all your clients' needs.

Security Policies

Blacksmith Security Policy Sample screenshot

Stop spending hours customizing client policy templates. Our security policy templates allows you to quickly craft and deploy security policies for each customer in minutes with the power settings so you can keep consistency across your client base. We provide the expertise in security and compliance, allowing you to scale and efficiently manage your organization and customers.


As customer security policies are published, a prioritized compliance checklist is automatically generated. This gives you a roadmap that you can use with your customers to provide a proactive and prioritized approach to securing your clients. Given many of the items included are security best practices, it's also a great opportunity to showcase the value you've already provided! 

Blacksmith compliance module screenshot
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